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A nonstop fermentation celebration

About Us

We are Laramie's homebrew club. Beer Wine Cider Mead, if it was fermented we like it!

Monthly Meetings

We meet the first Thursday of every month, come and share your brews or enjoy some of ours. No fees anytime to anyone.

Helpful Feedback

If you want feedback on your brews we are here to help. We have several BJCP ranked judges and a handful of professional brewers the attend the club regularly so you can get solid feedback and learn new ways to improve your craft.

New To Brewing?

You don’t have to be a brewer to join or come hang out, we are happy to help everyone of all skills. Chances are you can even set up a time to brew with one of our members so they can help you, hands on.

Laramie Brewfest

We have beers at Laramie brew fest! Look for our tent and come say hello.


We have a club library and are happy to lend out books to members and most brewers are willing to share pretty much any of their brewing equipment. We also have a good yeast library going on too in case you forget to keep yours happy.






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